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I am a time traveler.  As an entertainer, my repertoire and wardrobe span more than a century!   I love history--especially living history, and I spend a lot of time exploring the past.  With my hometown being Los Angeles, Hollywood has had a delightful influence on my life, past and present, and I especially enjoy being connected to those who have been a part of Hollywood's Golden Age.

As a writer, my first influence was my mother, Lewana Evans.  She instilled in me the importance of reading.  She read to me often before I was school age, and when I was old enough, took me to the public library to get my own library card.  Second was my sister, award winning poet and short story writer, Wanda Coleman.  She also read to me, but her selections were usually science fiction or her own poems and stories.  Other influences have been those who have entertained me through books, television and film:  Rod Serling, Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler, Charlotte Bronte, Howard Pease, and many more.  I am also very grateful to the Scholastic Book Service for offering so many wonderful books when I was in elementary school at prices that allowed me to escape into many wonderful stories.

I am married, and my husband is also my business partner.  He is Rick Rogers, veteran impressionist and song and dance man.  We met on stage in Hollywood, performing at the opening night of Richard Halpern's Hollywood Cavalcade.  Rick is also an artist and a professional entomologist who now (2013) is working on a book of his own that should be done by 2014.   Together we share our various business endeavors and hobbies.   At the foundation of our life together is a strong faith in God.  We know that he is the one who brought us together and who orders our lives.   

 You can see us perform and view our photo gallery at www.evansandrogers.com.
At Moorpark Civil War reenactment.  Photo by Bob Jensen
Self Portrait
With my sweetie, Rick Rogers.  Photo by Mary Culver
The War This Side of Heaven
              A seventeen-year-old black girl, as intelligent and mature as she is beautiful, captures the heart of a
middle-aged Jewish school teacher who snatches her from the grasp of a serial killer. The other man that clings
desperately to her is a Roman Catholic priest whose religion and Irish American culture have not
prepared him for such a relationship. The War This Side of Heaven is their story.
            Meet the Amateur Detectives’ Guild and Janette West, the strong willed teenaged tomboy whose
memoirs tell the stories in The War This Side of Heaven. In the guise of a sophisticated woman, a gun isn’t
her only weapon as she turns the head of a man more than twice her age and captures the hearts of other
male victims. Though this ebony beauty does her best to stay on the square, prayer and Providence only
add a supernatural twist that takes her down a road too strange and too adult for her limited teen
experience. Constantly dodging the daggers of female jealousy and the challenges to her oddball religion,
Janette pulls at the veil of mystery surrounding a particularly handsome and attentive teacher, only to
uncover an unsolved murder with a trail that’s 20 years cold. Then the battle that arises between the two
men that want her most doesn’t exactly brighten her situation. 
           Murder, mirth and multiple love triangles mark the rough road to romance in this three-part narrative.  Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the late 1960's, trouble and adventure are always just around the corner for this girl who thought her only goal was to graduate from high school.
  • BOOK ONE:  The After School Murders (Available 10/05/2012)
  • BOOK TWO:  Man Trouble (Available late October 2015)
  • BOOK THREE:  Killing Old Ghosts (Coming 2016)
No modern clothing for me.  Almost everything I own is retro.  Usually the 1920s is my style, but I do love the 1950s.  Rick and I enjoy a lot of social events with others who love to live in the past and wear vintage clothing.  It's the next best thing to having a time machine.  The past is so much more fun than modern times.  In my writing, I'd rather not be contemporary so that I can have my characters do things that just wouldn't happen in this day and age.
February 23, 2018 Finally and at last! I finished Killing Old Ghosts and got it into print back in December of 2017. It's also an ebook. The cover design is getting a lot of attention and selling all three of the books! Now working on a love story not related to The War This Side of Heaven. Lots to juggle these days; trying to build an entertainment career and work on my hubby's book, my own writing, and all the stuff of daily living. I really love the new story, though. I think you will, too.

Oct. 25, 2015 It took a bit longer than I expected, but now "Man Trouble" is available on Amazon. Don't forget to take a look at the video on You Tube.  Book Three, "Killing Old Ghosts," is already complete and ready for editing.  Look for it in the spring or early summer of 2016.

SEPT. 13, 2015  ​Man Trouble will be released on Amazon by October 1st.  The video is already running on You Tube.  Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wBLiGWR6gQ

OCT. 22, 2013  The new video for The After School Murders is getting rave reviews.  Be sure to check it out on You Tube if you haven't already. Please be sure to click the like button.  Comments are also welcome. Just go to http://youtu.be/nPqwJ34CuCY and take a look.

ALSO--I'm wrapping up editing the new short story book Heart of a Man in Love. THIS STORY HAS BEEN EXPANDED from the one submitted to Ebook Mall for their contest and it has more detail and dialogue.  Plans are to get it into print by the end of this month, or no later than the beginning of November.  It will be in paper back first because it's easiest to do.  Hopefully it'll be on Kindle by the end of November.

NOV. 15, 2012 The After School Murders is now available on Kindle! Also, I just posted a new blog. Check it out at www.sharonevansauthor.blogspot.com

OCT. 5, 2012 NOW ON SALE!!! As of today, The After School Murders is available through my Create Space Store.  Click the link on the next page or copy this one https://www.createspace.com/3995253 into your browser to take you directly there.  My royalties will be the highest when purchased here.  It will be available on Amazon in about a week from today.  Whoopee!

SEPT. 1, 2012  Okay, boys and girls, someone threw me a red herring about pitching my book to a big-time publisher, but I'm not going to follow it.  Besides, publishing companies don't offer the promotional support that they once did and continue to take the lion's share of the money.  So, I've decided to go full speed ahead to publish The After School Murders this month as planned.  I guess I'd better get with it, huh?  I've decided to go with Create Space, which looks like the best deal around.  It may be closer to month's end, but it'll happen.  Yep, here we go!`
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