Book One:  The After School Murders
        When school teacher Jacob Noonan threatened to kill Janette West, she knew that he was most sincere--and that there had been others girls in the student body who were not as lucky as she had been to escape him.   Once again in his classroom, she discovers the means by which he entices his victims and enlists the help of her friends in the Amateur Detectives Guild to stop him once and for all.   Certain of her victory with new and telling evidence against Noonan, she relaxes her guard and finds herself  once more alone, unarmed and in the grasp of this psychopathic killer.
Book Two:
         Is it love or just seduction?  David Conrad is breaking the rules to win the affections of his beautiful teenaged protege, Janette West.  Suspicious of his intentions, she struggles with the situation while searching for clues to the criminal activity she suspects lies hidden in his past.  When she proves too resistant, Conrad lets her go; having fallen in love with him, she is devastated.   But then a new friend, a handsome young Catholic priest named Ted Molloy, steps right in to try and heal her wounds.
       Before he can lose her completely, Conrad tries again and succeeds in convincing Janette of his sincerity.   But their love affair is spoiling Ted's plans.   The two men fight to keep her exclusively and Janette is torn between them.  And in the middle of it all, she discovers that the desperate jealousy of her wealthy, middle-aged lover is a clue to his past and uses it as a key to unlock the mystery  behind the man. 
What's really on the inside of the series?
Take a trip to New Mexico in the late 1960's and meet a girl named Janette West who is 17 going on 40.  Anyone who's a friend of mine will find that she's a lot like me.  Yes, she's been my vehicle for imaginary fun and adventure for more years than I'd like to say, but because she and her cohorts have been around so long, the fit of these characters with each other is pretty snug.

Thanks to various consultants, which include members of the Los Angeles Police Department, I've had a lot of fun putting this together. If you like Raymond Chandler, Earl Stanley Gardner, or any of the great writers of suspense and detective fiction, you'll see as you read that I have enjoyed them, too.  For those who are hot for paranormal stories, there are a few of those elements as well, which is the reason for the title of the series.
​But lovers of suspense will find more than the challenge of learning how the villain is caught (as in The After School Murders), or who the real killer is.  The War This Side of Heaven series also addresses a number of controversial subjects and social issues that may provide challenges for some readers. These books are designed to imitate life (up to a point), and like my life and the lives of most people, there is a perpetual crossing/mixing of culture, race, and religion/morals--not to mention politics--in our daily existence that can at times be downright uncomfortable and inconvenient.  But if we're smart, we learn to understand, enjoy or at least respect our differences with others and keep going.  So if certain things I've written give you pause--either in a large or small way--just relax. No one is preaching at you. Not really. It's all a part of the fun.

To those who are in love with the Land of Enchantment, you may take exception to my backhanded complement to this area of exquisite beauty and unique culture. But it is a complement all the same, and please understand that I've chosen it for my setting because I do love it so. Not only for its truly enchanting beauty and the friends I left behind, but because it is the place where my life was changed forever.

So whoever you are, and wherever you hail from, enjoy your imaginary stay in Albuquerque, New Mexico, through The War This Side of Heaven.  I think you'll have a pretty good time.
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Book Three:  Killing 
          From far across the sea comes trouble.  Unavoidable, unexpected trouble.  His name is Jonathan Angrahm, a British war hero who packs a grudge against David Conrad that's been smoldering for twenty years.  His complaint is that Conrad took up with his estranged wife and prevented the restoration of his marriage.  Then to top it off, he believes Conrad to be responsible for her murder.
        Though he was there the night Angrahm's wife was killed, Conrad remembers nothing.  Johnny  Angrahm was himself a suspect, but there wasn't the evidence to even bring him to trial.  It's up to Janette to piece together the clues at hand and find all the rest that reveal just who killed Rebecca Angrahm.  
(Like me, baby, like me.)  
(Does anyone go there anymore?)
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